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We guide leaders, families, teams and couples on custom canyon adventures and equine experiences to help them reach their full potential.

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Why We Are Different

Most leadership coaches and performance experts focus upon goal-setting, but they fail to consider the underlying personality dynamics that truly drive behavior and performance.  We dig deeper into figuring out who you are and what is actually propelling or obstructing your best performances and behaviors. Goals are superficial and constantly changing, but who you are is not. There have been many exceptional individuals with lofty goals who have lost sight of who they were. Think Tiger Woods, Travis Kalanick (Uber) or Ken Lay (Enron). We prefer to get to the heart of the matter and explore your personality first before you experience failure from chasing the wrong goals or acting from your blind spots. As the writer James Michener once said, “For this is the journey that we make in life, to find ourselves. If we fail in this, it doesn’t matter much what else we find.” We start with the journey of self-discovery and we don’t stop until you arrive where you need to be. We are world-class in this area with a creative and unique process to guide you home.

Our Process

During an interview of leading performance psychologist Dr. Mike Gervais on Fearless with Tim Ferriss, Tim asked Dr. Gervais: “If you could develop the perfect classroom to teach others performance excellence, what would that look like?” Dr. Gervais said: “It would involve exposure to rugged environments where people can be tested and learn who they really are.” In other words, Dr. Gervais described the exact outdoor classroom that Strive Psychology provides to create the optimal environment for personal growth, learning and transformation. We utilize a three-step process to create this optimal classroom. 

In-Depth Assessment

We begin by figuring out where you need improvement. We develop a clear picture of your personality so we can provide feedback about your character and areas for growth.

Custom Adventures

Next, we design custom adventures in order to observe your personality in action and to also address your growth areas. Nothing is more powerful than seeing who you are in challenging and novel environments.

Real World Integration

You have now developed a clearer picture of your areas for improvement and ways to address them. We want these changes to stick. We provide on-going feedback and consultation to make sure they do.




Our Services

journeys of self-discovery

Leader Strive

Our entire adventure experience is designed precisely to help leaders discover more clearly who they are and what they stand for.

Team Strive

We work to not only develop deep trust among team members, but to enhance all of the conditions necessary for great teamwork.

Family Strive

Healthy families form the foundation for a healthy world. We offer unique adventure and equine experiences to strengthen families.

Couple Strive

Our unique canyon adventure experience is unmatched in developing close, open, vulnerable and emotionally intelligent couples.

Our Projects

hope & sharing


The purpose of Project iStrive is to allow people to reflect upon their lives and their relationship to an unknown future- one still open to change.


Children stricken with serious illnesses and their families need to strive for hope more than anyone else and to process their traumatic situations.


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