Family Strive

the foundation for a healthy world
Healthy families form the foundation for a healthy world. We offer unique adventure and equine experiences to strengthen families.

Strive Psychology offers services to assist families to achieve optimal functioning for a wide range of difficulties. We have developed expertise in working with adolescents struggling with pornography and sexual addictions and young adults who are failing to launch. Dr. Matthias has extensive experience assessing and working with adolescent sexual problems and with young adults struggling to find direction in their lives. We offer intensive three to five day adventure experiences for families with adolescents who cannot willingly end their addiction to pornography. Our goal is to assist families in containing the problem before it requires more prolonged treatment. We have been successful in assisting adolescents to curtail their pornography addictions to return to a normal level of functioning with enhanced purpose and direction in their lives without additional treatment. Purpose in adolescence matters- it eventually leads to a purposeful adult life with greater responsibility and maturity.

The basis for all of our family programs rests upon developing trust and open communication. Children and adolescents will not thrive without love, support and trust to guide their development and choices. We assist families and young adults in developing these critical qualities. We are committed to developing the next generation of flourishing individuals and leaders, which first requires the development of flourishing families.

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