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Are the adventure experiences dangerous? Can I get hurt?

We work with several certified canyon guide services and equine specialists during our adventures to insure safety. These canyon guides and equine specialists have decades of experience and stress optimal safety. They all have exceptional safety track records and they are certified to perform their work. Still, adventure is unpredictable and there will always be risks. Injury is possible, but we take all possible precautions to minimize these risks. Driving a car is also risky, but most people drive every day. If someone is uncomfortable taking risks in a slot canyon we will switch our adventure experience to something more comfortable, such as hiking or equine work. Client safety- both physical and emotional- is always our primary concern. Nobody benefits from our services if they believe their safety might be compromised in any way. We want to challenge people to move outside their comfort zones, but not too far to the edge of their comfort zones to feel unsafe.


Why is the Strive Psychology assessment process different from other coaching services?

Dr. Matthias is a clinical psychologist with significant experience assessing high-risk felons who have no desire to be forthcoming. His job was to determine the risks of community placement for the courts. That means that he has developed expertise in providing personality assessments that dig deep into one’s character and underlying personality dynamics. Most other coaching services use the Myers-Briggs or the DISC to explore personality, but those instruments provide little meaningful information and can be administered by anyone without any experience or credentials. They are the types of instruments you would use for a parlor game, but not to truly examine and explore your life in depth. We go beyond the ordinary and the superficial. We use a battery of empirically derived and meaningful personality assessments to reveal who you really are beneath all the superficial clutter and noise. Unless you dig beneath the surface of your personality you will never figure out what is truly driving your behaviors and life- in other words, you will remain stuck on the surface and fail to achieve your highest potential by learning more about your unique character and deeper motivations.


We are a premium service.

Our prices begin at $150 per hour for an in person or telephone consultation. Because we customize each adventure experience the actual prices will vary for each individual. A typical one-day program would cost around $, including pre-adventure assessment work (usually up to 6 hours), ten hours in a slot canyon and a one-hour follow-up session. A typical two-day program would cost around $ for approximately 24 hours of programming. The two-day adventure experience will usually include equine work in addition to a slot canyon. We provide a comprehensive report at the end of the program summarizing the experience and outlining steps for performance and life improvements. This report is detailed in all areas of the client’s life and unique in the field of personal growth.

We are a premium service. You will be working with a top-level psychologist with over 20 years experience in a myriad of different venues and situations. The comprehensive report provided at the end of the experience, by itself, would be valued at $2500. We offer a unique, adventure-based, in-depth and life changing experience unlike any other service of its kind in the field of personal growth. You can attend a Tony Robbins seminar for a similar price with 10,000 other people and learn about Tony Robbins’ worldview. Or you can attend our program and undertake a custom canyon adventure- a one of a kind experience- completely focused upon your self-improvement with a psychologist capable of providing exceptional insights into human behavior. Your choice.

We are definitely not for everyone. We are certainly not inexpensive. Those who seek us out, however, understand the value of self-discovery and constant improvement and learning. They understand the value of challenging themselves and deepening their insights into their identity. They understand the price of true self-knowledge. Our clients are already successful. They are passionate about their work and lives. They are driven to make a difference in the world. Still, they know they can do and achieve more, that something is missing. That’s where we enter the picture. We will find those last pieces to the puzzle to place you on the path to true mastery, to become amongst the best in the world. And we guarantee your satisfaction or we will provide you with a refund for the experience (minus vendor costs).


Do I need to be in good physical shape to participate in an adventure experience?

No, not at all. Almost all of our adventures are more psychological than physical in nature. Most of our clients have an average level of fitness and are quite capable of negotiating all of the physical challenges in the canyons or with the horses. No particular physical activity requires overly strenuous exertion, although each experience might involve hiking, some climbing, swimming and rappelling. We do, however, recommend that participants obtain medical clearance from their doctors prior to attending the workshops just to be safe. As discussed above, we tailor each adventure to the client’s needs. Some clients will want a more physically demanding experience to challenge themselves than other clients. Most professional athletes, for example, will demand far greater physical challenges than the average person in order to benefit from the adventure experience. Fortunately, most of our client do not require this level of intense physical challenge to benefit from our adventures. The physical challenges will always be tailored to the client’s fitness level and needs.


Strive Psychology appears to offer mainly adventure experiences. Do you offer other services without adventure?

Yes, most definitely. Our brand stresses adventure because of its high intensity and ability to affect change more rapidly than normal phone or office visits. Adventure experiences are also more memorable- changes tend to stick. We understand, however, that some clients will not want to participate in intense adventure experiences so we tailor all of our programming to their needs. As in all of our work we begin with a thorough assessment and determine client needs based upon that information. Many of our adventure experiences are also low impact and may simply involve hiking or walking in beautiful outdoor areas in Southern Utah, which can be as impactful as more intense canyon adventures. Our equine experiences are also lower impact than the canyon adventures. In some cases we forego any adventure and just work over the phone or in our office. We will always provide the experience that best meets the client’s needs and comfort levels based upon our initial assessment.

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